Choose the best way to spend your days at Giulivo of fun!

The entire tourist complex Giulivo overlooks the sea and allows you to take advantage of its private beach of fine sand accessing directly from inside the facility. The beach is very wide with 130 meters of private beachfront where you sottoporrete a beneficial action elioterapeutica uitilizzando umbrellas and sun beds assigned to each individual customer as well as cabins, showers and common services. In the period of July and August can start the day with morning exercises proposed by our leaders at the beach, then continue with group dances and various entertainments always at the beach. In the afternoon, beach volleyball and archery along the way: “remise en forme” playing and having fun with us. Fans of watercraft and dinghy can use the lane launch private Giulivo Hotel.

sci-nautico-e-wake-boardWake Board

Wakeboarding is a sport that comes from a combination of water skiing and snowboarding. Wakeboarding is a sport of recent spread. The athlete, carried by a suitable boat and with the help of the waves created from the boat must perform jumps and stunts. It uses a sling on which are placed hands and a table similar to the one used for snowboarding. Price: 30€/ 1 hour

sci_nauticoWater Ski

Water skiing is a water sport invented in 1928 by Ralph Samuelson that merges into a single sport skiing neveed surfing. The skier is pulled by a speedboat through a nylon rope. The skier holding firmly the other end of the rope, terminating in a triangle braided with handle of iron covered with rubber, defined sling, glides over the water by means of various types of skis, different depending on the specialty that you are running. Price: 100€/ 1 hour


Banana boat inflatable boat is for recreational purposes, and owes its name to its large and elongated shape and the color yellow. It was invented by Glenn Matthews in the eighties. Price: 10€ per person 20 minutes


Windsurfing is a sport and a specialty of the wing that is to move on the water on a board thanks to the propulsive determined wind on a sail. This is mounted on a shaft fixed to the table by means of a universal joint (sometimes made ​​with a universal joint, most often by means of flexible material) said mast and is supported and controlled by the sailor (or windsurfer, Italianised windsurfer or simply surfer ) only with the help of a particular boom. Price: 35€/ 1 hour